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Stewart totally masterminded our SEO strategy which took us from spending five figures a month on ads and selling nothing to making £50,000 per month with 0 ad spend.
Stewart sees and executes SEO in a way unlike any so-called SEO expert I've ever experienced. It's clear he provides a unique approach that is signature to him and his expertise. I plan to use and recommend him to all my clients.
Stewart showed me how powerful press releases can be to elevate myself as The Expert in my field. His down to earth delivery is what I liked best.

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Google works in two ways: the quality and relevance of your content and other websites linking to you. That's because Google is just a machine and you have to match what users are searching for in order to show up for those results. But with so many pages competing for the same questions Google had to figure out a way to decide who goes top. That's why links from other websites are so important as votes of confidence in your brand that inform this ranking.
Stewart Vickers

Topical Research

What exact terms are your potential clients searching for? We identify commercial terms you should target that are likely to have a very high conversion rate, e.g. "executive leadership coach". Then we look at questions relevant to your audience for you to answer as blog posts so you can deliver the solutions to their problems. e.g. "How can I improve my leadership".

Content Genesis

We optimise your existing pages and write a good draft of all your new content for you using industry-leading correlational tools. These look at your competitors and give you a template of best practices that are working for each individual search.

PR Links

We manually reach out to high quality websites and negotiate placements of your brand so you get recommended in articles. Google sees these links and puts your pages higher in its rankings for relevant searches.

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