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What does the power lever method involve?

Most coaches and cosultants rely on outbound methods of marketing – turning up at conferences, posting on social media and negotiating referral partnerships with other coaches.

Every one of these is a grind that distracts you from your Genius Work of delivering great results for your clients.

The best coaches and consultants have great clients come to them.

Even if they don’t have a big name.


They build an Evergreen Empire and show up for the potential clients who are already searching for them.

Stewart totally masterminded our SEO strategy which took us from spending five figures a month on ads and selling nothing to making £50,000 per month with 0 ad spend.
Stewart sees and executes SEO in a way unlike any so-called SEO expert I've ever experienced. It's clear he provides a unique approach that is signature to him and his expertise. I plan to use and recommend him to all my clients.
Stewart showed me how powerful press releases can be to elevate myself as The Expert in my field. His down to earth delivery is what I liked best.

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