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What The Hell Is This?

Most coaches and cosultants rely on outbound methods of marketing – turning up at conferences, posting on social media and negotiating referral partnerships with other coaches.

Every one of these is a grind that distracts you from your Genius Work of delivering great results for your clients.

The best coaches and consultants have great clients come to them.

Even if they don’t have a big name.


They build an Evergreen Empire and show up for the potential clients who are already searching for them.

You’ve probably already heard of SEO before, but most business owners make the mistake of thinking SEO is like a magic dust they apply to their finished website.

That’s usually because web developers and other agencies have used the mysticism of SEO as a sales feature without really understanding it.

In reality, SEO is really quite simple: you just have to know what your audience is already searching.

If you’re a mindset coach you want to show up for people searching for mindset coaching.

To do that, you want Google to rank you top. While the details of that can seem complex, the fundamentals are quite simple. You want to write a page of content that comprehensively addresses the search term “mindset coaching”.

And related searches like “mindset coach cost” and “best mindset coach”.

Whatever your niche, you want to start by finding out what searches people are making.

This overview of more than 3000 coaching keywords is your starting point.

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Without relying on: