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Stewart totally masterminded our SEO strategy which took us from spending five figures a month on ads and selling nothing to making £50,000 per month with 0 ad spend.
Stewart sees and executes SEO in a way unlike any so-called SEO expert I've ever experienced. It's clear he provides a unique approach that is signature to him and his expertise. I plan to use and recommend him to all my clients.
Stewart showed me how powerful press releases can be to elevate myself as The Expert in my field. His down to earth delivery is what I liked best.

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Dear Esteemed Coach/Consultant,

Is your high-ticket coaching or consulting offer getting lost in the clamor of the digital world? Are you tired of the ceaseless cycle of creating social media content, chasing shaky referral partnerships, and investing in expensive yet ineffective ads? Are you searching for a more efficient, more sustainable approach? If so, let me assure you – there is a better way.

I acknowledge your unwavering dedication, your tireless efforts, and your drive to make a real difference. But the struggle doesn’t escape me – the relentless pursuit of new clients, the exhausting referral chase, and the never-ending grind on social media. The reality is, there’s a more effective strategy to thrive in the coaching industry, and it’s time to let you in on this secret.

Coaching is a dichotomous world. On one side, we have coaches who remain stuck in the rut of short-term outbound strategies, heavily relying on referrals, social media, and other fleeting solutions that demand constant exertion and yield inconsistent returns.

On the flip side, we find the Magnetic Coaches. These coaches have unlocked the secret of creating an evergreen empire. They have mastered the art of drawing clients to them, rather than pursuing clients. Their coaching businesses run like well-oiled machines, attracting eager clients organically and consistently.

Now, the choice is yours. Do you want to remain in the cycle of struggle, or do you want to evolve into a Magnetic Coach?

If you’re ready to transition from hustle to sustainable growth, allow me to share something with you. I’ve navigated this journey myself and have helped numerous others make this pivotal shift.

Join me on this transformative journey to becoming a Magnetic Coach, where your value is indisputable, your presence resonates, and your coaching business flourishes. Let’s together build an evergreen empire, attracting your ideal clients naturally, enabling you to focus on your true passion – coaching.

Are you ready for the transformation? If so, let’s commence.

Let me present the Power Lever Audit, a complimentary, in-depth SEO audit video from Stewart Vickers, a seasoned veteran in digital marketing.

Stewart has firsthand experience of your challenges. Through years of trial, error, learning, and ultimately succeeding in the realm of digital marketing, he unearthed the life-changing power of strategic and well-executed SEO. He is now eager to share this knowledge with you through a personalized video audit that can revolutionize your online presence.

In this audit, Stewart will meticulously dissect your current SEO strategies (if any) and guide you on how to enhance them to gain higher search rankings. This is not about short-lived fixes. This is about enduring success – attracting clients who are actively seeking your invaluable services consistently.

Visualize attracting thousands of potential clients every month without depleting your time and resources on unscalable methods. The Power Lever Audit is your gateway to that reality.

This audit, ordinarily valued at hundreds of dollars, is available for FREE for a limited period. Why? Because Stewart understands the challenges of building a digital footprint and firmly believes in the transformative power of his SEO method. But hurry, as this generous offer won’t last forever.

To seize this golden opportunity, click APPLY NOW and embark on your journey towards sustainable, evergreen growth. Let the Power Lever Audit chart your course to success.

Wishing you an online breakthrough,

Stewart Vickers and The Power Lever Team

5 Fundamental Steps To Huge Evergreen Profits

Who is Stewart Vickers?

Stewart Vickers is the world’s Number 1 SEO For Coaches Expert and the bestselling author of The Power Lever Method, featured in Bloomberg, Yahoo Finance, and many more.

He entered digital marketing while studying History of Art at University College London.

He began as an online content writer for a high-end men’s accessories brand, followed quickly by becoming one of the first hires at an online magazine startup alongside editorial alumni from CBS and The Sunday Times where he was involved in making traditional journalism fit modern social media.

He then began starting his own websites,  crafting perfect headlines and posting in groups to make his articles go viral.

One post received 10,000 views in just 48 hours.

But none of this delivered any long term value.

Over time, he noticed something: certain articles he had written continued to attract readers over time.

Often, quite a lot!

The sustained number of moderate clicks to a relevant, monetised article over time made far more than a single viral Facebook post.

This is how he finally understood the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) that he’d heard so much about – before he’d simply put any relevant topic in that “keyword” field in WordPress (sound familar?)

By writing the content that relevant, high-value people are already searching for, you can rank on Google and have them come to you and spend money.

Constantly, passively.

With this knowledge he started a new highly-profitable site that he sold two years later.

With the proceeds he started an agency to help hundreds of clients benefit from the insights and expertise it took him years to grasp. 

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